“I would highly recommend Bolora’s nature therapy to anyone who is feeling tired or needing an escape from the city. It’s peaceful, calming, and soothing for the soul.”- Emily L.
“If I had a friend experiencing anxiety, or like they can’t slow down, I would direct them to nature therapy with Bolora. It’s a wonderful way to ground one’s self without asking too much.”- Alyssa K.

 “I didn’t have many expectations going in but you can bring anything to the table. It’s very powerful to hold space in nature alongside other people.”- Forrest K.
“I think we’ve become so accustomed to the chaos of life and it’s harder than ever to take the time to go into nature and just exist, but this was such a refreshing experience and so grounding. Doing it with new community made it even better!”- Nadia S.

“To anyone hesitant of going on this experience because of the time commitment or not having a friend to go with, I can confidently say that this time will be so worth it. NO matter who you are and what type of person you are, this experience is for everyone. Once you arrive you will feel so welcomed and the wall of fear or intimidation completely disappears.”- Alana B.

“Bolora took the time to calm our nerves and bring us into nature with a reverence and playfulness. I wouldn’t have had nearly as enjoyable or meaningful of a time without her.”- Chris R.
“I would recommend this experience to people who are craving stillness and peace. Also for those who are craving community. I also think this is a really great experience for those who want to connect who nature and don’t really know where to begin.”- Janelle L. 

“Bolora is a great leader and knows how to make a space feel welcoming. I’d totally recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more connected with themselves and nature. It’s very special.”- Jesus A.
“Bolora has a unique gift for seeing & feeling that makes her walks calming yet insightful.”- Alex R. 

“Bolora was a memorable guide and made the entire experience peaceful, encouraging, and joyful!”- Mark T. ​​​​​​​
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